We offer our partners wide opportunities to sell their health products throught more than 3000 trade places in the area of Baltic countries.

These includes:

  • Supermarket chains
  • Grocery shops
  • Household goods store
  • Gas stations
  • Other stores

Health products wholesale

Pharma Market offers a wide range of health products for wholesale and retail companies:

  • Dietary Supplements
  • Sports Nutritions
  • Health teas
  • Ointments and Oils
  • Bandages and adhesive plasters
  • Syrups and tinctures
  • Health cosmetics


Our Logistics department offers:

  • Storage of products
  • Movement of products (distribution and transportation).

Thanks to the highly organized work of our warehouse and transport services, we provide delivery to remote areas, taking care of all of our customers.

Private label

Pharma Market also offers Private label manufacturer services:

  • Development of the formulas of tablets and capsules
  • Various types of packaging
  • Label design

We also have  are ready-made products that you can buy for your brand.

Feel free to enquire for more details by contacting us!


Pharma Market offers products promotion, based on market research and demand analysis, developing the best offer.

Our marketing activities take into account various factors that affect increase of sales volume:

  • Product’s seasonality;
  • Pricing factors (sales, seasonal discounts, special offers, etc.);
  • Presentation events;
  • Advertising support.


Precise, thought placement of products and their control on store shelves is one of the main principles of prosperous sales.

Pharma Market provides qualitative and effective sales analysis, by controlling products placement by planogram, trade look, location. At the right time, at the right place, in the right quantity, for the right price.

To pay customers attention, we also place individual design health stands and shelves.
By practicing above mentioned and many other promotional activities, we achieve efficient product sales.